Michigan State Police Offer Tips For Drivers As Winter Approaches

Pretty soon, Northern Michigan will be covered with snow… and with more snow, comes more slippery driving conditions. Michigan State Police, Emergency Management, and Homeland Security are urging drivers to slow down and take their time in winter weather.

“Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to go into work in the morning,” said Lt. Derrick Carroll, Public Information Officer for MSP. “If your car is not in the garage, clean off the ice and snow, let it defrost, check your windshield wipers.”

He also said to make sure you have a safety kit handy in case of an emergency.

“You want to make sure you have a blanket, some water, some snacks in case you’re there for a while, and always have your vehicle filled with gasoline too,” he said.

Jamie LaFerriere, Co-Owner of Dave’s Garage in Traverse City, says Michigan drivers should consider snow tired for the harsh winter months.

“Snow tires are the number one thing that can keep you safe on the road here in Northern Michigan. They really protect you on the road from those tight corners and ending up in a ditch.”

And if you end up in a ditch, MSP said to stay put.

“A lot of times people want to get out, but the safest place is inside your vehicle. If possible, keep it running for the heat,” he said.

For a full list of road conditions, MDOT plows, and construction, click here.

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