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Health in Focus: Strokes

The Four: Health In Focus: Jagannathan Neurosurgery Institute May 13th, 2020

According to the Center for Disease Control, someone in the United States has a stroke every 40 seconds. Every 4 minutes, someone dies of stroke.

“A stroke, in general, is an abnormality. Usually, the blood vessels go into the brain, which causes a decrease or stop in blood flow, and oftentimes causes injury to the brain as a result of that,” explains Dr. Jaganathan.

Strokes should be taken seriously.

If not caught early, it could have permanent, negative effects on the brain and body, and may lead to death.

“Minor things like facial tingling, facial weakness, weakness in the arms or legs, difficulty talking, or severe headaches – those are all symptoms,” Dr. Jaganathan said. “If you feel like you are experiencing these symptoms, call 9-1-1 immediately”.

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