Beer Week Kicks Off Friday, DDA Encourages Healthier Drinking Culture

The first day of “TC Beer Week,” in Traverse City is Nov. 12. The event encourages tourists and residents to go out and enjoy craft beer at local breweries and restaurants. While the City wants people to go out and have a good time, they also want to remind people to be safe.

“In our region, we (have) like 20 breweries and tap rooms, so there’s a lot to choose from, there’s a lot to explore and we like to celebrate that,” said Trevor Tkach, President and CEO of Traverse City Tourism.

“TC Beer Week” is an annual celebration that offer’s a handful of different events across the region. It also comes at a time after the Traverse City Downtown Development Authority announced their plan to encourage a healthier drinking culture.

“This is not an event intended for people to over-consume,” said Jean Derenzy, CEO of Traverse City Downtown Development Authority. “We are asking people to slow down, take time and really enjoy these beers. They’re very special. We’re trying to get people to stop and appreciate the craftsmanship.”

Derenzy said many people think that a healthier drinking culture means no alcohol, but she said it’s not that at all.

“It’s not about no alcohol or too much alcohol, it’s about where is that happy medium,” she said.

The City is also encouraging people attending to download a virtual passport to track their progress throughout their experience.

“We’ve got a nice schedule of activities that goes on throughout the week that gets the brewers involved, get restaurants involved, different venues involved. “It’s really become popular among the community. A lot of locals enjoy it, but also draws visitors, as well to taste the wonderful bounty of our brewer’s.”

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