Inside The Kitchen at Crown and Cork in Ludington

“It’s just about taking care of your ingredients and loving your food,” said the executive chef at Crown and Cork in Ludington as he described the food there.

The dishes are refined, but approachable.

Owner Lynda Matson says the Scottish salmon is like butter.

“I mean it just crumbles when you put your fork into it and it is sitting on that creamy risotto,” she said.

The trendy waterfront restaurant opened in May.

Tyler says they just switched to their fall menu.

“It’s very exciting, it’s fun to mess around with new ingredients,” he said. “Whenever I think of fall, I think of warm items, hearty, homely.”

Something you can find on the menu no matter the season….

The Crown and Cork burger.

“This unique taste blend of things you wouldn’t think normally go together,” said Lynda.

“We have the crispy shallots…the maple chipotle aioli, the sweetness and spiciness and obviously sauce brings anything together, you have the pepperiness from the arugula, and the candied bacon to finish it off,” described Tyler.

Andrea Large lives in Ludington.
She says it doesn’t get much better than a new restaurant like this within walking distance.

“A lot of fun food items that are a little bit different than the other restaurants,” she described.

“We like to have fun with food here,” said Lynda. C And C

“This just fills a niche that wasn’t met here,” said Andrea.

A destination for tourists, and a regular hangout for locals.

“We all work together to make sure when tourists come to this town that they really enjoy their experience here…but we also want to make sure we cater to the locals, the people who are here year-round like myself, born and raised in the area, we are doing things we would want to attend, so it’s really great,” said Lynda.

You can find Crown and Cork in Ludington at 502 W Loomis Street, or call them at 231-425-3557.

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