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Grant Me Hope

Grant Me Hope: Kandlyn

One of ’s favorite activities combines her love of games and sports. It’s called Jackpot Football, and Kandlyn especially enjoys playing it with her friends. Kandlyn loves football and basketball and wants to attend sporting events with her future forever family. She also enjoys coloring and making artwork. Kandlyn must enjoy watching “Vampire Diaries” since her dream destination is Hollywood, where she wants to meet famous people from that television show. Kandlyn loves playing outside, and in quieter times, she enjoys reading. When she gets older, Kandlyn wants to become a police officer. If she had three wishes, Kandlyn would want lots of money so she can buy things for her sisters. She’d also want to be adopted. Once she finds her forever family, Kandlyn wants to watch movies and spend time with them “hanging out.”

The most important thing Kandlyn wants others to know about her is she’s kind and helpful. One of the close adults in her life adds that Kandlyn is social. “Kandlyn is a strong, vibrant young woman with a big heart. She likes to have friends and spend time with trusted adults.”

Kandlyn would do best with a single female parent, two female parents or a mom and dad. Her new parent or parents should be experienced and trauma-informed. Her new forever needs to make sure Kandlyn gets the services she needs to thrive. Finally, Kandlyn prefers a family that has pets or is open to having them.

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