One Up XP Show Podcast: Dexb0t, Part 2

Through the years I have met and played video games with some very amazing people. This man opened many doors for me and boosted my hobby in many ways.

He has done this for many years with many people and his infectious content proves many things! Dex has been deep in the Call of Duty community since the game took off and he has grown a brand to go along with it.

We sit down and talk the ins and outs of content creation, social media and what if he the opportunity to do this gig full time. We talk as friends and you get that quick feel of why his laugh and personality makes him what he is!

Shortly after this podcast was recorded Dex let me know he was pursuing his dream and had just applied to become the Social Media Manager for Call of Duty at Activision!

I was super proud he was pursuing what he wanted to do! About a week later he informed me he took the position! Dreams do come true for those who put the work in! Dex is a walking example of that!

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