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Hook and Hunting: Sporting Goods Stores Recommending Hunters Get Equipment Now

With the official deer hunting season starting in just a few weeks, sporting goods stores are encouraging people to get their equipment now.

Jay’s Sporting Goods in Clare says they’ve had customers in for the hunting season so far, though if people are in need of equipment, they recommend getting in sooner.

They’ve seen shortages of ammo, propane tanks and camo. They say don’t wait until the day before deer season to get your equipment.

“If you’re low on your rounds for scent and your firearms and stuff like that, make sure you get in early to get your ammo because it is in short supply,” said Matt Poet, Jay’s Sporting Goods Marketing Director.

Poet also recommends to have a plan when you go out hunting this season, and always let people know where you are going to be hunting.

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