Governor Race in Virginia With National Implications

One of the off-year elections taking center stage today is the high-stakes contest for governor in Virginia.

An upset victory by Republican nominee Glenn Youngkin is a real possibility in a state Joe Biden won last year by ten points.

On Monday, both candidates made one last push for votes in a race that’s emerging as a referendum on the Biden Presidency.

Democrat Terry McAuliffe ended in front of a crowd in Richmond.

Youngkin got help from former president Donald Trump urging people to support the businessman.

Republicans are riding an energy of resurgence as Democrats seem to be scrambling to keep their party together.

As of now, more than one million Virginians have already voted.

Aides in both campaigns say they are expecting a record turnout for this race which has turned into somewhat of a proxy battle between the current president and the previous one.

Both candidates have tried to compare the other to the two presidents and their administrations.

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