Future of Central Lake Police Department Up In Air As Election Day Approaches

Voters will be deciding the future of the Village of Central Lake’s police force on Tuesday.

“The Village council is looking ahead, and we wanted to be sure that our local law enforcement would be funded in the future with a specific amount of money that’s dedicated only to that… that can not be cut, not be used for something else,” said Michelle Fox, Village of Central Lake’s Council Trustee.

The Village currently has only one officer, Chief Scott Barrett.

“The three mills will raise about $80,000 dollars a year and that won’t totally fund law enforcement,” said Fox. “But, it will give us an opportunity to plan ahead.”

Homeowner’s would pay $3 per every $1,000 of their property’s taxable value.

Many residents in Central Lake say they are in favor of the millage, saying it’ll help pay for more officers. On the other hand, some say they don’t want to spend money on services they already have or don’t think are necessary.

“In order to have good quality law enforcement officers who are able to work when we need them to work, we would like to ask the voters to approve this millage,” said Fox.

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