Is The Jolly Pumpkin in Traverse City Really Haunted…?

“The story is that Charles and Genevieve Stickney built the mansion in the 1880s as their summer home.”

The Jolly Pumpkin and Mission Table are restaurants that have occupied the Stickney’s old summer home. But rumors of a ghost have inhabited the estate for decades. Screen Shot 2021 10 29 At 73621 Pm

“When Charles passed away he had left his entire estate to his live in nurse that they hired to take care of them instead of his wife Genevieve, because of this, Genevieve was so depressed that she hung herself from the elevator shaft,” says Jim DeMarsh, Jolly Pumpkin’s General Manager.

Legend has it, Genevieve Stickley was a jealous woman. Did she come back to reclaim her humble abode?  Strange, unexplained occurrences have been reported by many.

“I personally swear I got tapped on the shoulder one night up in the dark in the closet grabbing some linen,” says bartender, Dave Millar.

“There are wine glasses that hang from the ceiling, and three times the bulb of those glasses had shattered with the stem still hanging.”

But is there a spot where she likes to visit the most?

“Mission Table in particular the women’s rest room up there. They’ve seen images of Genevieve in the mirror when they looked in, guests have run out screaming.”

To see if there was any bizarre happenings, or creepy energy — we turned to the professionals.

We turned to the professionals, Sarah Crowell and Steve Wonderly.

Northern Lower Michigan Paranormal. We’re a group that we look to help people.”

Sometimes you don’t know where to turn to if you’re feeling troubled or scared.

Wonderly says, “I’ve been doing this roughly 20 years. The goal is to progress forward and create that evidence as well as creating peace of mind for anybody that’s dealing with something that they just don’t understand. Anytime I have the opportunity to pull something out of a software realm, to a physical hardware device which is much harder to tamper with, I prefer to go that route. I want the evidence to be as clean as it could possibly be, to stand for itself.”

So the question still stands…Are the rumors true? Or is Genevieve just a little camera shy…

DeMarsh tells us one of the craziest stories he’s ever heard.

“My kitchen manager…when he was walking by a hand sink, the paddles opened up and the water started pouring…”

Maybe we’ll never know… But some people will never return… Screen Shot 2021 10 29 At 73451 Pm

“The paddles shut and the water turned off. That’s when he ran away, and said I’m not going back.”

If you’d like to be a part of Northern Lower Michigan Paranormal group, click HERE.

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