TCAPS Board Votes to Extend Universal Mask Mandate

Traverse City Area Public School’s universal mask mandate expired on Monday.

The school board voted Monday night to extend the mask mandate.

In a five to one vote, the board voted the mask mandate would expire on December 31st.

TCAPS board hopes by the December deadline; there will be a vaccine approved for students between the ages of five and 11.

“The key thing we could agree on is face-to-face learning is critical.  Therefore if vaccines are available for at least seven weeks, it allows everyone to get vaccinated who chooses to do so,” said TCAPS Board President Scott Newman-Bale. “The main thing we will be looking at is keeping attendance rates at 88% or above. If the attendance rate goes below 88%, we would be looking at adding the mask mandate back.”

TCAPS universal mask mandate requires all K – 12 students to wear a mask indoors.

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