Inside The Kitchen at Vita Bella Italian Kitchen and Market in Frankfort

“This is truly a scratch kitchen, we make everything from scratch,” said Ed Carrella about his restaurant, Vita Bella Italian Kitchen and Market in Frankfort.

Vita Bella means ‘beautiful life’ in Italian.

But it means so much more than that in this restaurant.

“The roots of Vita Bella truly is my family it’s love, amore, love, we cook with love, it’s my recipes, it’s my family’s recipes,” he explained.

Vita Bella Italian KitchenYou’ll see his family shown off on every wall, while you’re waiting for your homemade butternut squash ravioli.

“My mom is very influential, she has a creative force in this restaurant,” he laughed.

Just about everything is made from scratch. That includes their pasta, ravioli, mozzarella, pizza dough and more.

That extra step is noticed by customers like Paula Gilmore.

“So you put that together, and the sauces, and you just cannot believe you’re in Northwestern Michigan eating this amazing Italian food,” she said.  “The margherita pizza is just the best, it’s just a classic, and the way they make it you can just tell it is truly authentic pizza.”

Beyond the authentic food, it’s the authentic relationship he has with his customers.

“They are like my family because they’re coming into my house every day or a couple times a week enjoy my cooking, enjoy my mom’s cooking, and that’s what it’s all about, and they’re a part of the family too,” he said.

“You really feel like there is a family behind it, seeing the pictures of Tina and her recipes, and seeing Ed as a small boy with his mom,” Paula said.

A nod to the past, while enjoying the present.

“When you’re up in Frankfort, there is nothing better than going to see a sunset, walking downtown and ‘beautiful life’ spoke to me, so Vita Bella, when you come up here life is good, beautiful life, that’s where it came from,” Ed said, describing his inspiration behind the restaurant name.

You can find Vita Bella Italian Kitchen and Market at 320 Main Street in Frankfort, or call them at 231-399-0035.

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