CMU Professor Speaks on Global Supply Chain Shortage

The entire global supply chain is struggling to recover from COVID-19 which is leading to drops in supplies, rising costs and long waits for goods.

According to Sean Goffnett, a logistics professor at Central Michigan University, the causes are many. From sustained closures during the pandemic to a lack of workers returning to the workforce, the impacts are going to take months, if not years, to correct.Cmu Supply Chain Vsv 10 26 2100 00 54 20still001

Goffnett says the supply chain system has been tested during major storms and other natural disasters but this was a perfect storm that crushed the entire chain.

“Those instances that might’ve just hit one particular factory, this is the factory, the transportation, the logistics of things,” said Goffnett, “It’s far more stretched thin and what this really has done is show weak points within the supply chain. Within global trade and so these challenges are already being addressed.”

Looking for new sources of materials and commodities while boosting up robotics and technology are seen as ways to avoid these issues in the future.