City of Grayling Considering Zoning for Outdoor Winter Seating

After businesses had to get creative last year during the Pandemic, some of the methods may be sticking around this year.

Img 6972The City of Grayling City Council is considering changing their zoning to allow outdoor seating structures at restaurants permanently.

Businesses downtown say it brought a different experience for guests.

Bringing tents and heaters outside was in response to the state’s Covid-19 restrictions on outdoor dining.

Restaurants would have to file a permit in order to have outdoor structures.

Tip’n the Mitten offers coffee at their shop, and is considering putting a few heated tents outside for their visitors.

“There’s not a lot of room to sit around in Tip’n the Mitten just because of all the products we have, so for them to have a place to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee outside while they wait or just enjoy a cup of coffee anyway would be great,” said Tip’n the Mitten and Flowers by Josie owner Kate DeVries McIsaac.

The city council is still considering this motion.