“Bomb Cyclone” Hits West Coast With Rockslides, Flooding, Power Outages

The “bomb cyclone” that blew through Northern California and much of the west over the weekend is on the move and now threatening the east coast.

It’s being called a historic storm, bringing flooding and extreme damage to the region.

Roads and homes were flooded, trees were uprooted and rockslides even covered highways.

Gale-force winds even pushed a semi-truck across the road on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Tens of thousands of people in California are now without power.

This weather system has moved across the country and could bring high winds and up to five inches of rain to places like New York City, where flooding is expected.

If there’s any upside to the massive rainfall from the storm, California’s Dixie fire—which has been raging since mid-July—has finally been declared 100% contained.