Big Rapids Mourns The Loss Of Mark Solis, A Community Staple

Mark Solis, also known as “Chico” by some, spent his entire life serving his community. He died unexpectedly last week after giving back to the people of Mecosta County.

Solis worked as a Corrections Officer for the Mecosta County Sheriff’s Department, helped kick-off the Rocket football program, served as County Commissioner, and much more.

“He also made sure that kids that couldn’t get to Rocket football, he would go pick them up. That was one of his things with his big heart,” said Delphine Defever, a former classmate of Solis’s. “He was so good about making sure that the kids in the community, that didn’t have. That they would have.”

Solis was also responsible for creating the Holland Veteran Park.

“When anybody needed some help, or an organization, Mark was always there,” said Phil Currie, a lifelong friend of Solis.

The sudden loss has left Big Rapids reflecting on Solis’s life and all he’s done for the area.

“It didn’t matter who you were,” said Currie. “You always got a smile from Mark. You could be a rich guy or a poor guy. Mark didn’t care. He just said, hey – how you doing brother?”

Solis’s wife Liz said she’s overwhelmed by all the love and support from the community.

“There’s a part of him that I think is in anybody that he touched, with things that he did for the community,” said Defever. “I think he’ll live on in that and his children, and the rest of him family.”