Affirmation Angel Shares Sticky Notes of Support

“We rise by lifting others.”

A simple reminder to spread a little love, kindness, and encouragement.

“There’s just so much negativity that surrounds us today and you can’t force change on anyone else, but this is how I can do my part.”

But this means so much more to one Northern Michigan woman, who would like to remain anonymous.

“Hard means something different for everybody else.” Screen Shot 2021 10 25 At 110241 Am

This reminder has turned into an almost daily act of kindness.

“I write words of encouragement and then with my travels for my job throughout the state of Michigan, I stop at random gas stations or stores and leave them on the bathroom mirrors or on the back of the stall doors, just to help somebody have a great day.”

Sometimes we forget that everyone is fighting their own battles.

“Life is short, and just because you’re having a bad moment, it doesn’t need to be a bad day or a bad week. Hopefully will help somebody realize that their day isn’t as bad as they thought.”

What’s the reason behind these little positive messages?

“There’s a certain level that society has put around people who have mental challenges, mental health issues and it’s very disturbing, and it’s heartbreaking. I want everyone to know that they’re never alone.”

When life feels like it’s growing dark, or you’re facing what feels like endless challenges.

“It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are, what your situation is, there is always someone there to help you. Always. You just have to ask. Sometimes I feel like, if people aren’t in a position to ask, maybe just reading one line of positive affirmation will help them get back on track.”

This anonymous positive affirmation angel is spreading a glimmer of light in times of darkness.

“I think Covid played a really big part in everyone’s mental health, and stress, and uncertainty. This is genuinely who I am, and I genuinely care for people and I want them to feel that. On average I do 5-10 a week.”

And she doesn’t just stop at sticky notes… Screen Shot 2021 10 25 At 110933 Am

“I stop at the hospital and I will take these to the vending machines and sometimes I’ll leave these on the counter at the gas stations, next to the coffee, just to help encourage someone and pay for their cup of coffee.”

A tiny act of kindness has turned into a habit of hope.

“This is so simple. I mean, it’s inexpensive. And it just takes 30 seconds of your time.”

And a great way to really look at the bigger picture…

“Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we handle it.”

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