War Memorial Hospital Forced to Close Kinross Location Due to Staff Shortages

War Memorial Hospital is being forced to close its community care center in Kinross due to low staffing.

It’s a walk-in clinic that sees patients who are in need of quick care. They usually use college students who travel around their different locations to help out, but being the fall semester, it’s been tough finding enough.

Director of Outpatient Specialty Practices, Quinn Rodriguez said with the closure of the care center, patients in the area now have to commute to Sault Ste. Marie to get service.

“It was a hard decision,” she said. “Obviously taking care from the area but we are, like the rest of the world–nation, critically short staffed so we’re trying to maintain as many services as we can with the staff we have.”

War Memorial Hospital is hoping to open the care facility in three weeks, but right now only time will tell.