Spaghetti Dinner for Shooting Victim Jayce Thompson

A murder case in Wexford County is on hold while it’s decided if the accused killer is competent to stand trial.

Nineteen-year-old Demont Storm is accused of killing another teenager at a bonfire party in Buckley earlier this month.

Court hearings in the meantime are on hold while a mental exam is completed.

Investigators say they are still piecing together what happened.

Nineteen-year-old Jayce Thompson of Mancelona was the teenager killed in that shooting.

“He was a very upbeat person, happy, smiling he’s a very old soul,” said Melanie Grenke, Thompson’s girlfriend. “He was into older things like the older music. He kind of reminds me of an old man like my dad, and he would work on cars all the time.”

Thompson’s best friend Naithen Gaudette describes him as a loving, caring, energetic kid who always wanted to do something.

Family, friends and the community gathered for a spaghetti dinner on Friday night to honor Thompson.

“We’re raising money for Jayce’s family for the cost of the funeral, and we are rebuilding Jayce’s suburban for someone in the family,” said Grenke.

Thompson’s best friend Nathan Gaudette, is helping with the project.

“It’s kind of like I still have a part of him right now. I mean, I always have a part of him,” said Gaudette

On Friday evening, first responders, including police and fire crews in Kalkaska, turned on their lights and sirens to honor Thompson.

“He sacrificed his life for everybody that was there that night. And that is what policemen and firemen do every single day of their lives for us,” said Grenke. “They are honoring him, not being a policeman or fireman, but just a civilian who protected a lot of people and sacrificed his life for them.”

Even though Thompson is gone, he will not be forgotten by his family and friends.

“I get goosebumps because I feel like he’s just hugging over me like he’s got his arms over my shoulders. Like, it’s going to be okay, baby, just keep going,” said Grenke.