Are You Brave Enough To Walk Through ‘Beware The Moon – A Haunted Trail Experience’?

If you’re looking for something scary to do this weekend or even Halloween weekend, look no further than ‘Beware the Moon – A Haunted Trail Experience‘ in Boyne City!

It’s a mysterious trail through the dark woods…are you brave enough to walk through?  Wolf

The story goes, there were 40 acres of land that was inherited by a family from an uncle they didn’t even know they had. He had a cabin in the woods, and when the family went to go see it, they discovered a mysterious shed. Thinking it was just the uncle’s old tool shed, they discovered so much more…Filled with old photos, and disturbing information about people that had disappeared. Shockingly, it turns out that they all disappeared on his property, and he was determined to find out why.  In an effort to gather more information, the family decided to call in a paranormal group, and now the public to help them solve this mystery.

So I’ll ask you again…are you brave enough to walk through the dark trail to find out what really happened in the woods?

Reservations are REQUIRED. For directions and ticket information, CLICK HERE or call (810) 599-1899.



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