Hook and Hunting: Bears Beginning Preparations for Hibernation

It’s the time of the year when Michigan’s bear population is beginning to prepare for their long hibernation.

And that means eating as much as they can, wherever they can find it.

That includes backyards and property near homes where they can find bird feeders, pet food and accessible trash cans.

The DNR advises to take down bird feeders until well into December when bears will be in their dens.

Take away the chance for an encounter in your yard.

“You should still be able to scare that bear off now. If you encounter a bear, you will want to stand your ground, make lots of noise, but make sure it has an accessible route out of the area,” said Rachel Leightner, DNR Wildlife Outreach Coordinator. “Bears are much more likely to flee and run than anything else, but the best thing you can do to avoid an encounter with a bear is to simply remove the attractants around your home that may bring it to your area.”

Leightner says another place to clean out is your grill, as the remnants of cooked meat can also be attractive to bears.

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