Great Lakes Water Levels Continue Seasonal Drop

It was just over a year ago Lakes Michigan/Huron were at record levels.  Since then, a lot has happened and record levels are not a concern going into 2022.

Spring 2021 was far from normal and the result was barely a change in water levels. Normally, as the winter snow melts and spring storms bring in rain, the lakes go up.

A normal Spring rise is about a foot. But this year Lakes Michigan/Huron barely moved at all.

Little rain and limited winter snow kept levels much lower and delivered a much better summer for boaters and those who work or live along the lakeshore.

Gl Levels Records To 2021

The chart to the left shows the record (Red) levels (most from 2020) between 4-5 feet above chart datum for Lakes Michigan/Huron.

The Black line is the water level this year through October 20th. The blue line is the forecast through the end of the year.  There is no doubt we will not worry about record levels this winter. 

The US Army Corps of Engineers forecast do not show any major changes through early Spring 2022.

They expect Lakes Michigan/Huron to remain above the long term average but no where near record levels.

Lake Superior is in even better shape as the lake is already below the long term average. It dropped below that level just last month.

Now, next year is still in question as we go into a La Nina Winter.  Looking at past La Nina years there’s no definitive trend of being overly wet or dry. It’s something we’ll just have to watch over the next 6 months.