Good Reads at Your Local Library: Traverse Area District Library’s STEAM Kits

Libraries have changed so much since I was a kid. The only thing you used to be able to do is – check out a book, do some coloring, play with a few broken toys, and if you were really lucky, you had aStem Kit Celebration Jpg library with a cafe. That way you could grab a goodie as you head out the door with your favorite piece of literature. Nowadays, our libraries have so much more available for all ages.

In this week’s Good Reads at Your Local Library, I was at the Traverse Area District Library (TADL) to check out more than just a few great books. We sit down with their youth services coordinator, Andy Schuck, to learn more about their STEAM projects and kits.

To ‘check out’ their available STEAM kits, click here.

TADL also features an excellent in-person and virtual learning hub, Student Sucess Portal, click here to explore their options for students, teachers and parents.

To learn more about their STEM Kit Celebration on October 28, click here.

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