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DNR Confirms Cougar Sighting From Dickinson County

Dickinson County Cougar Picture

Wildlife biologists with Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources have confirmed a trail camera image showing a mountain lion walking around a semi-open area was in fact taken in Dickinson County.

The DNR’s team of biologists who investigate these types of reports could not initially confirm the location in the cougar photograph.

The photo had spread around social media in September and gained a good amount of media attention in that time.

This latest confirmation brings the total confirmed cougar sighting to 74 in Michigan since 2008. The DNR says “So far this year, 10 cougar reports have been confirmed in the U.P., including three from Dickinson County, two from Marquette County and one each from Baraga, Delta, Houghton, Luce and Schoolcraft counties.”

The DNR has yet to confirm any breeding populations of mountain lions in the Upper Peninsula. The DNR says that previous genetic research has shown the cougars sighted in the U.P. have come to the region from states west of Michigan.

The number of confirmed sightings in the state has been increasing for the past three years. The DNR said that the increased use of trail cameras by the public could be a big contributor to this.

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