Inside The Kitchen at Spanglish in Traverse City

Vicente Serrano makes magnificent meals like the torta in Traverse City now, but he’s from Mexico.

“Spanglish means English, Spanish, right there, together,” he said.

The English to Spanglish is Vicente’s wife, Anna.

“It really spoke to that working together, that combination of someone from Mexico who speaks Spanish, and someone from the U.S. who speaks English, and just that union of working together,” Anna explained.Spanglish

Cabbage is something we don’t use in Mexico for toppings

“It’s Spanglish, it’s ours, it’s unique,” described Anna.

“Spanglish is a mix of a lot of things, it’s not authentic, but it’s Spanglish authentic,” said Vicente.

Fernando Meza found Spanglish a few years ago.

“It’s the kind of place that once you do find, you keep in touch because of the food,” he said.

But it’s the people behind the mouth-watering meals that make Spanglish, all that it is.

“The fact they continue to do what they do, maintain a certain level of quality, the way they take care of their people is a testament to who they are as individuals and how the community supports them, they’re fantastic,” said Meza.

“Spanglish is a from scratch, little dream of a restaurant that kind of grew organically,” said Anna.

“I am living the dream because I feel like life is a dream,” said Vicente.

You can find Spanglish at 1333 Yellow Drive in Traverse City, or call them at 231-943-1453.

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