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Cadillac American Legion Benefit Concert

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A place where veterans gather to support each other needs some help from you to keep their doors open.   You can do that while enjoying a night of music with friends and family.

Like many organizations during the pandemic, American Legion Post 94 in Cadillac has been struggling.  They stay afloat solely through member support and the dinners they serve on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights that are open to the public.

Because of pandemic restrictions, they weren’t able to take in the amount of money it normally takes to operate.  That’s why, later this month, they’ll be holding a benefit concert with musical talent provided by two Michigan based bands, Myron Elkins and Brother Elsey.  The concert is being made possible by several generous local sponsors.

“Without this concert, we would be closing our doors, for sure.  There’s no way.  We don’t have money to pay the bills that we have right now. So, for us, this an incredible task that somebody has , these people would be so gracious to put their time and their money into this for us. We just feel very blessed that we’re going to be able to do this,” said Tina Paige of the American Legion Auxiliary.

Tickets are $12 and you can buy them at the American Legion post in Cadillac or $15 at the door the night of the concert.

Visit the American Legion Post #94 in Cadillac at 422 N. Mitchell Street or Call Tina Paige at 231-884-7796 to learn more about tickets or make a donation.

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