Menu Monday: Crusted Creations 2-3-1

This Menu Monday we are headed to Crusted Creations 2-3-1 in Big Rapids!

A new place has opened up right next to The Purple Door! If you’re feelin’ a little hangry after letting out your anger axe throwing, walk down to Crusted Creations 2-3-1, also owned by the same owner!

Located close to Ferris State University, Crusted Creations 2-3-1 a great place to grab some pizza and hang out with your friends! I recommend the garlic bites…you will not be disappointed!

It’s decorated with a car garage-like feel to it with street signs, fun seating, and wood and metal accents. Crusted Creations

The best part is, if you win The Purple Door‘s monthly competition, the top THREE throwers will win a free pizza!

Come in or order online HERE!

Pizza 2

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