Two Men Sent To Prison in 33rd Circuit Court

Two men have been sent to prison following sentencing in the 33rd Circuit Court Friday.

According to Charlevoix County Prosecuting Attorney Allen Telgenhof, Cody Granberry, 29, of Saginaw was sentenced to serve 18 to 240 months in prison by Judge Roy C. Hayes III after pleading guilty to delivery of methamphetamine.

Granberry had admitted that on March 26, he sold 57 grams of meth to a confidential informant for $1,600 in East Jordan.

“Although this was the defendant’s first felony conviction, he came to northern Michigan to sell a significant amount of methamphetamine, a very dangerous drug,” said Telgenhof. “This is not a person who sold $50 worth of drugs to a friend. The police, my office and the judge have made it clear that if you choose to sell this drug in this county, you will be sent to prison.”

Mason Luby, 21, of Clayton, Indiana was also sentenced to prison Friday.

According to Telgenhof, Luby was sentenced to serve 18 to 60 months after pleading guilty to receiving and concealing a stolen car.

On July 6, police had found a car abandoned on the shoulder of Deer Lake Road in Boyne Valley Township. The car had been stolen from Indiana, and inside there were sales receipts from a store in Indiana from two days prior.

Charlevoix County Sheriff’s Office Detective Ben Speigl contacted the store, who provided security footage from the purchase. Speigl was able to identify Luby in the video, making the purchase and walking to and from the stolen car.

Additionally, Detective Cody Wheat reviewed Luby’s social media and saw a picture of Luby wearing a baseball cap that was found inside the stolen car.

Telgenhof says detectives were aware that the car was abandoned about 1,000 feet from the home of a friend of Luby’s. Furthermore, officers were familiar with Luby because he was convicted following a group of thefts in Charlevoix County in 2020.

“This conviction was the result of excellent police work,” stated Telgenhof. “These detectives quickly identified the perpetrator and built a very strong case against him, leading to the conviction.”