Pellston Schools Unveils New Education Foundation in Remembrance of Former Student

Mark and Kim Wagenshutz, former teachers at Pellston Schools, now living in Florida, have always wanted to help them however they could.

After their son Blake died in a motorcycle accident, they decided to set up a scholarship in his name for students going into trades and construction, a field Blake was in himself.

“They need boots like he did and a tool belt and a few small tools,” said Kim. “That’s what this could be used for as well. It’s not necessarily for education. It’s for somebody’s career.”Blake

That scholarship grew and thanks to many of the people involved, including a former trustee of the Petoskey Education Foundation Carlin Smith, they’ll be able to bring a new foundation to Pellston, all of it being inspired by Blake.

“Blake’s scholarship is for students in the building and trades, but we’ll also have scholarships for students for financial need and then hopefully down the road, other students will be able to get scholarships as well,” said Smith.

Mark and Kim hope the foundation will continue forever.

“We want it to go on in perpetuity,” said Kim. “We don’t want this to die. Even when we’re long and gone, we want this to just continue on because there’s such a need.”

The foundation will serve as a way to give more scholarships to students and allow teachers more grant opportunities for classroom supplies, fundraisers, field trips and more.

“It was a tragedy and he’s sorely missed and will forever be loved by Pellston Schools,” said Stephen Seelye, superintendent of Pellston. “This is an incredibly great thing that can stem from such a tragedy.”

Pellston officially announce the Pellston Education Foundation at their homecoming football game on Friday where they took donations and gave the community a chance to learn more.