Jan. 6 Committee Will Hold Steve Bannon In Contempt

Bannon Cbs Screenshot

The committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riot says they will hold former President Trump’s ally Steve Bannon in criminal contempt for refusing to comply with an order to testify.

Now it is up to the House of Representatives and the Department of Justice to decide whether to charge Bannon.

The former White House counselor and Trump supporter sent the committee two different letters telling them he would not testify.

The committee said they would not tolerate defiance of their subpoenas, voting to hold Bannon in criminal contempt.

Now the matter will go to the entire House before being referred to the DOJ for action.

Anyone who is found liable for contempt of Congress is then guilty of a crime that could result in a fine and up to one year in jail. However, this process is rarely invoked and rarely leads to jail time.