East Jordan Public Schools Help Out Adored Community Member in ‘Jammies for Jim’ Fundraiser

“A lot of these kids that are playing football now, or playing basketball or in the middle school or whatever, I coached their dads or their moms 25 years ago.”

Jim Brown’s official title is the president of the sports boosters at East Jordan high school and middle school.

“I’ve spent almost every day during the week at this school since then,” says Jim Brown.

But that’s not why everyone knows and loves him.

“He’s known as the popcorn guy,” says Michelle Seelye.

“I have people from different schools come and say it’s the best popcorn I’ve ever had.” Jammies

But that’s not the only reason why people adore him.

“I think the truth really came out how much everybody loves Jim is when we did Jammies for Jim,” says Sierra Dunlop, East Jordan Business Teacher.

Jammies for Jim was a fundraiser organized by kindergarten teacher Mary Anderson, special education teacher Michelle Seelye, and business teacher Sierra Dunlop.

“That’s where all of our students and staff can wear Jammies and give a donation to support Jim. We raised almost $3,000.”

“Some kids brought a nickel and some kids brought a hundred dollars.”

Jim was diagnosed with cancer in May of 2020.

“They did a cat scan and found a tumor on my pancreas and tumors in my liver. I went from 220 pounds to 155 pounds in six weeks after I was diagnosed.”

That’s why his East Jordan School family wanted to help the best they could.

“I think we were expecting to probably raise $1,000 between both schools, and we’ve raised almost $5,000. We’re almost at $15,000 for the fundraiser as a whole. People were coming up and said, we already know about it, we already know Jim and we’re gonna give you money.”

People from all over the community were pouring out their hearts and wallets during one of the most anticipated football games of the year — East Jordan vs. Charlevoix.

“At the intermissions or breaks in the football game, we had a dash for cash where we went into the stands and collected money. We we’re able to raise over $1000 just for the dash for cash,” says Anderson.

“We had businesses that said that they would match the popcorn sales up to 500 bags of popcorn so $500. We had about 7 or 8 businesses come forward.”

When Jim was presented the check for his treatments–

“It really touched my heart. I never used to be much of a crier, lately. I’m a little more of a crier now. The people that work at this school, are so caring about everybody. It’s hard to put into words what this school means, it’s, it’s all right here,” says Brown.

And being the humble man he is, Jim can’t thank them enough, but…

Jammies 2“We’re gonna give back. Some of this money that they donated to me, will go back to them,” says Brown.

Jim brown may think he’s just a regular guy, but his impact on other people is bigger — Than he thinks.

“It just kinda shows that you’ve had an influence on their lives, for the good or for the bad, but mostly for the good. Everything’s gonna be alright. One way or another, it’s gonna be alright.”

East Jordan Public Schools would like to thank 3J Electric, Bella Vita, Burnette Foods, C&L Excavating/Carey Construction, Gary W. and Charlene Roberts, Atlas Electric, and Whitaker Construction for their support in ‘Jammies for Jim.’

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