Northern Michigan Haunted Corn Maze “Spooking” People For A Good Cause

Four Green Fields Farm in Big Rapids is hosting a “pick your own” pumpkin patch and haunted corn maze, while also giving back to the community.

“The community of Big Rapids has been great to me,” said Kevin Courtney, Owner of Four Green Fields Farm. “Whatever I can do to help them out, I mean, that’s only fair. It’s only right.”

This isn’t the firs time Courtney has served his community. Throughout the summer, he offers horse and carriage rides to the public throughout downtown Big Rapids with his horse, Junior. Courtney and his wife Julie, thought of hosting a corn maze after he retired from working in law enforcement.

“The hang up was how do you do that and make it affordable? We hit on the idea of offering the opportunity to community groups to be the haunters,” Courtney said. “Then, they get half the nights proceeds in return for the haunting. It’s just worked out fantastic over these last 10 to 15 years.”

Different Ferris State athletic teams play in a big role in the haunted corn maze each year. For example, the softball and hockey teams.

“It’s just a super fun thing to be doing with the guys,” said Cade Kowalski, Ferris State University hockey player. “Just get team building. It’s also really fun to be able to interact with everyone from town, and even out of town.”

They hockey team said they don’t get a lot of free time on the weekends, so it’s fun to get out and have fun with the community.

The hockey team donates the money they make to Special Olympics.

“I feel like they deserve it a lot more now than we do, and it’s just a really good cause,” said Antonio Venuto, Ferris State University hockey player. “Seeing a smile on their face. That’s kind of why we just want to give it all to them.”

Courtney said throughout the years, he’s created bonds and friendships with the students and organizations who volunteer to work the maze.

“I’ve been blessed,” said Courtney. “To own this farm, to have made it through 27 years in law enforcement in one piece, raise a family, and have all the opportunities that Ferris provided me when I was a student there. We love helping them out, and they help us out. It’s a great relationship.”


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