Midland Area Community Foundation Hosts Last Flood Recovery Zoom Session, Resources Still Available

It’s been over a year since the Edenville and Sanford dams failed, and the communities affected are still trying to recover.

Failed Edenville Dam’s License Revoked In 2018 For Failure To Increase Spillway CapacityThe Midland Area Community Foundation and the Long Term Disaster Recovery group have been hosting a series of Zoom sessions for the public to discuss flood recovery and how communities are moving forward.

The sessions began in August 2020. The groups capped off their last zoom meeting on Thursday– but that doesn’t mean the resources for flood victims are going away.

The final session discussed how the community got to where they are today—what worked with responses to victims, what didn’t, and what they’re improving                   .

The Sanford Village President also gave an update on the village’s recovery—everything from community support received to the installation of the Sanford Strong non-profit.

The Long Term Disaster Recovery group also reflected back on the support they’ve given—and continue to give—to flood victims.

“It has taken this entire community working together, and we’ll continue to take that as we work through the remainder of the process,” said Midland Area Community Foundation President/CEO Sharon Mortensen.

Long Term Disaster Recovery group will continue to meet and provide resources for flood victims.

Here are a list of resources provided during the meeting:

  • Disaster Case Management team: For anyone impacted by the dam failures or flood, call 989-374-8000
  • 211: A comprehensive list of all resources available in the community for those in need
  • Four Lakes Task Force: Working to address issues around dams
  • Midland Business Alliance Advisory Committee: advisory committee to address future flooding issues in the area.