Traveling Exhibit From Smithsonian Museum in D.C. Arrives In Mount Pleasant

A new historical exhibit called, “Voices And Votes: Democracy in America” made its way from the Smithsonian Museum all the way to the Chippewa River District Library in Mount Pleasant. The travelling display is making its rounds in Michigan and is based around voting rights in America.

“It explores Democracy in America, basically since before the country was officially founded and all through modern day,” said Barb Sanford, Youth Collections and Programming Coordinator for the Chippewa River District Library. “It explores everyone’s voice and everyone’s place in America, with some really great interactive exhibits.”

The exhibit is a part of a program called “Museum On Main,” which showcases different exhibits in different communities.

“You really have to come in and see it to really understand the depth of information and how interactive it is,” said Sanford. “They really have done a great job putting as much interactive elements as possible.”

In order to help teach people about the voting process, the library also brought in local retired voting equipment. Chippewa River District Library says they also plan on showcasing the PBS Film: American Creed on October 26th.

“What I really appreciate about this exhibit is where you can see where you rights have come from and how they’ve developed,” Sanford said. Not everyone had rights. So, to really understand the process it took to get us here and the rights that we do have.”

For more information on the exhibit, you can click here.

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