Stabenow Announces Additional Funding for Mental Health Services

More money is coming to Michigan to help Michiganders get the help they need and be able to afford it.

In a virtual news conference Wednesday, Senator Debbie Stabenow led a group, also featuring Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist, in announcing a new initiative that will greatly decrease the cost of mental health services to Michiganders.Mental Health Vsv 10 13 2100 01 11 26still001

Now certain clinics will be reimbursed by Medicaid. In Michigan, $26.5 million will go towards the plan.

Stabenow spoke on how millions of Americans fail to get the help they need because of cost and that can lead them into trouble and possibly jail.

Now for many clinics the cost will be removed and mental health care can be treated and respected like any other form of healthcare.

“These will begin to be funded through Medicaid for the full cost of providing services,” said Sen. Stabenow, “This may not sound like much but this is fundamental to changing the way we provide mental health and addiction services in the community.”

To begin the program, only 13 clinics in Michigan will have the reimbursement program but Stabenow hopes to expand the plan soon.