Michigan Group Calls For 2020 ‘Forensic’ Election Audit

A year after the 2020 election, hundreds of Michiganders still don’t believe the election results. They took their frustrations to the Michigan State Capitol, on a day when the legislature wasn’t in session to hear them, to push for what they call a “full forensic audit.”

After the November 2020 election, results were put through the state canvassing process before officially sent for the Electoral College vote. After that, more than 250 audits were done across the state and found no widespread fraud. After that, the State Senate Republicans put together an investigation for months and again found no fraud.

That is not stopping about 1,000 protesters from pushing for a “full forensic audit,” something similar to what took place in Arizona. That too was a process that found no fraud.

“If we don’t fix 2020, people are just going to be so disenfranchised, it’s not funny,” said Melanie Greenfield of Stand Up Chippewa County.

There is a major, crucial, state election in just over 12 months but this crowd is still pushing for another investigation into last year’s results.

“The people in my district feel like they were cheated,” said Representative Daire Rendon, republican from Lake City.

The crowd of hundreds of Michiganders at the capitol agree. They want to dive into the election results, no matter how many times they have been checked before.

“You can count fraudulent ballots over and over again,” said Rep. Rendon, “You’re probably going to get the same number.”

“We need to do a full forensic audit like Arizona did,” said Greenfield, “Where they investigated every single ballot, they looked at all the signatures.”

Arizona did do this type of inspection. They spent millions of dollars and found no fraud and even that audit was not fully accepted.

“I don’t believe the full results have been released to the entire public yet,” said Rendon.

Would another audit done in Michigan even satisfy this crowd? That’s to be seen but what is known is growing doubt in the election process can greatly impact elections ahead.

“I couldn’t be more frustrated frankly that these bogus conspiracy theories and lies are still being given fuel by elected leaders,” said Representative Donna Lasinski, the House Minority Leader, “The language of leadership matters.”

There does not seem to be any momentum through the legislature to get this audit approved so it would probably have to go through a ballot initiative, which many expected this event as a kick-off for such a process.