Chippewa Hills to Remove Native American Logos, Keep Warrior Name

The Chippewa Hills School Board voted this week to remove the Native American iconography and logos from their schools. But not everything will be changing.

In 1968, several small districts consolidated into Chippewa Hills. Since Day One, they have been the Warriors and used Native American images, like a native head or an arrowhead, as their logo.

“The whole time I was here that was what our logos were,” said Guy Stickler, the school board president, “And that’s what I was proud to be a part of.”Ch Warriors Pkg 10 13 2100 00 04 12still001

By the end of next school year, they will be gone.

“Don’t hold on for the sake of that’s what you know but hold on in the hopes that you can learn and grow,” said Frank Cloutier of the Saginaw Chippewa Tribe.

The school board began reviewing the move to change logos back in 2019. In the early stages, they met with the Saginaw Chippewa Tribe to get some input.

“I went in with one mindset of, how do we maybe convince them that we’re really not trying to be derogatory?” said Bob Grover, the district’s superintendent, “And we came out thinking maybe we are being derogatory.”

By the end of the calendar year, the board plans to have a new logo set selected and all old logos gone by the end of next school year. The ‘Warrior’ name is here to stay.

“They were on board with us keeping the Warrior name,” said Stickler, “And just trying to move away from those imagery that we are currently using.”

“I don’t know many cultures that don’t have a history of warriors in the community,” Said Cloutier, “That’s a parallel that we can all relate to.”

The district could just stick with “CH” as a logo but are interested in going with some other type of Warrior.  They hope to have student and community input on the final design.

“We want something we can look at, something we can feel good about,” said Grover, “We don’t have to worry about anyone questioning.”