Merck Looks to FDA to Approve of First Pill to Treat COVID-19

Pharmaceutical company Merck is looking to the FDA to approve their new pill for COVID-19.

It isn’t a cure, only a treatment for the virus, but could still make a huge impact in the fight against coronavirus. While most medical professionals insist vaccines are still the number one way to prevent the spread of COVID, a pill could lighten the load on hospitals dealing with patients. Merck says with the pill they could cut down hospitalizations and deaths in half for those with the virus.

According to the Central Michigan University Dean of the School of Medicine at Central Michigan University George Kikano M.D., it could be huge step if the pill is approved. “The ability to treat mild to moderate disease in an outpatient setting without overburdening the emergency rooms, the hospitals, the ICUs, especially with the staffing shortages we’re seeing,” he said. “That’s a big help to our healthcare system.”

Dr. Kikano added he believes this will be the first pill of many that will come into the market in the next year.

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