Health Department of Northwest Michigan’s Health Officer Files Complaint Against Board of Health

In a complaint against her own board of health, health officer Lisa Peacock says they are endangering the safety and welfare of staff, the public, and herself. 

It’s all over the health department’s mask mandate for all schools in their jurisdiction. Board of Health Member Jarris Rubingh says the way it was handled wasn’t right. 

“Number one you got the mandate, and number two you got the way it was issued and the way it was issued was at 5:30 on a Friday afternoon,” he said. “To me, that’s just wrong.” Charlevoix Elementary

In the complaint submitted to Attorney General Dana Nessel, Peacock claims during a meeting last month, she had to be escorted to and from the bathroom out of fear of the many parents that flooded the Charlevoix library. She also said her staff escorted her out of a different exit as she feared for her life, claiming she felt people were waiting to assault her in the parking lot. 

Rubingh says the public has a right to be upset and voice their concerns. 

“When you have a higher up mandate issued, it’s a one size fits all and all kids and all parents and all teachers are not the same,” he said. “We’re all different. We’re all special in our own unique way. So when you have a mandate, over 110,000 people, it’s not right. It’s not going to fit people.” 

Despite the complaint, some board members want to remove Peacock from her position. 

“Every year she has a contract and she works for the board of health and I don’t know why you wouldn’t communicate with a board that you work with and tell them your though process and what you’re thinking before you issue a mandate, but that’s the road she wanted to go down so that’s the road we’re going down,” said Rubingh.

The Health Department of Northwest Michigan refused to comment further on the complaint. You can view the full complaint here.