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Bison Meat Becoming More Popular As Chicken And Beef Alternative

Bison meat is becoming more popular, as research shows it’s a healthier alternative to meat like chicken and beef.

What started out as a vision, quickly turned into a reality when Jim and Krista Pohl took an anniversary trip out West to Wyoming in 2008.

“After that we just started talking about “what if, you know… do you think?” That light bulb kind of went off,” Krista Pohl, Co-Owner of Pohl Bison said. “Two weeks after we came home, we bought our first three. We bought our two heifers and a bull seed stock to start.”

They’ve been growing ever since.

The couple owns Pohl Bison Ranch, Pohl Bison Bed and Breakfast, and Black Horn Boutique, a women’s clothing brick and mortar.

“I had always wanted my own boutique. I loved clothes. I would play Barbie’s when I was little, and just beg my Mom… like, “please buy some more clothes, they’re wearing the same every other day.”

The couple are also members of the National Bison Association. They currently own 70 bison.

Krista and her husband say opening a bison ranch has been an ongoing learning process, especially since there aren’t many bison ranches in Michigan.

“The meat is very similar to beef,” she said. “It’s extremely low in fat, higher in vitamins. It’s considered more of a wild game. It’s easily overcooked and that’s what you need to watch.”

Krista says in Michigan alone, there are around 15 to 20 ranches. The Pohl’s are currently selling their meat at Green Tree Grocery in Mount Pleasant.

Throughout the U.S., people are beginning to lean towards bison, rather than eating chicken, beef or fish.

It’s preferred among people who want a more environmentally-friendly, sustainable option. It’s also packed with more protein and vitamins.

“It just started to grow,” Krista said. “People liked the meat and they started coming from all around. Everybody has been very warm and welcoming. They love to stop on the road or pull into the driveway and just watch them. We feel we’ve been gifted as steward’s for the animal and we love to share what we have.”

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