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Grant Me Hope: Caleb

You might say Caleb’s interests include everything but the kitchen sink. He’s a bit of an artist who likes to draw. Caleb dabbles in history, one of his favorite subjects in school, and says his dream destination is a museum “to learn more about Titanic.” Caleb dreams of becoming a guitar player or a drummer. He enjoys playing Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh with his friends. “Caleb wants to collect every Yu-Gi-Oh card that has been made, and he would like to participate in a tournament,” says his worker. He also loves birds and states that parrots and cockatoos are his favorites. Caleb’s favorite foods are pizza, hot dogs and macaroni and cheese. Caleb also enjoys listening to music and favors rock ’n roll as his favorite genre. He likes attending church and taking long naps on the weekends. If he could travel anywhere, Caleb would go to the Big Apple to visit a cousin. When he gets older, Caleb wants to be a professional singer and guitar player. When he’s asked what he’s most proud of, Caleb says his relationship with his younger brother. With his future forever family, Caleb wants to watch movies and go to concerts together.

According to his worker, Caleb tends to be a bit timid and shy. In addition to history, Caleb’s other favorite subject in school is art. Caleb receives assistance at school to help him excel.

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