Grand Traverse Pie Company Feeds Children With “Hunger Free Summer” Program

Grand Traverse Pie Company Finished their 7th year of their “Hunger Free Summer” program. This year alone, they were able to donate 116,000 meals to children.

“For all of our pie sales, all of our Apple pie sales, from June 10 through September 6, we donate a portion of all of those sales,” said Lucy Adam, Marketing Director for Grand Traverse Pie Company.

Those donations go to local food banks and partners, who then work with certain programs to decide where the money goes.

“They use those funds for their programs that help children during the summer months where they’re not in school… that they can still get nutritious meals,” said Adam.

During the holidays, they donate left over pies to Trinity Lutheran, Munson Hospital and Goodwill Inn.

”It’s just reaching out and being a good neighbor,” she said. “It’s always nice to know we are impacting our local communities.

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