Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel Speaks Out Against USPS Mail Slowdown

The United States Postal Service is facing backlash against a new reform plan.

Postmaster General Louis Dejoy’s ten-year plan would slow down mail service, taking up to five days for first-class priority mail to be delivered.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is one of the latest to join a coalition of 20 attorneys general from different states.

One of their biggest concerns follows the chance of delays in mail-in ballots for elections.

“I think the reason for it is to make it harder for people to vote by mail,” Nessel said.

Together, the coalition of attorneys general are submitting a formal complaint against Postmaster General Dejoy’s changes.

“I think the reasons that he’s doing this are not well founded and certainly the way he’s going about it, I believe, is illegal,” Nessel said. “So, you know, we’re going to push back aggressively against these efforts because we know that the impact will be devastating—and it is devastating.”

Attorney General Nessel hopes to receive approval soon for the coalition’s request for an official hearing.

If granted, multiple attorneys general plan to testify against DeJoy’s new changes.

“This is an incredibly important service that the government has always successfully provided to us,” Nessel said. “It’s only recently of course, with these massive changes made by this postmaster general, that we’re seeing these kinds of issues—and we need it to stop.”