Easy Fall Crafts & Decorations For The Season

We’ve reached the holiday season where decorations are a must!

Michael’s in Traverse City is always a great place to go shopping to get cute fall or Halloween decorations this month! And who doesn’t love a good sale?! Michael’s has great sales on holiday decorations, so make sure you stop over to check out their selection!

And if you’re looking for something easy to do with the family, no matter what age, we’ve got some fall craft ideas for you to do this weekend! Rocks

Painting rocks is easy for all ages, and it’s simple enough for those that may not be the craftiest of people! A popular trend that has been happening are inspirational friendship rocks! Painted rocks that people hide all over parks, towns, art walks, you name it! People can find them, and hide them in a new location for someone else to find!

Another easy craft for the family is watercolor leaves. This can be done with stencils, actual leaves, acrylic or watercolor paints. There are no rules in art, so you can add whatever you like to this! Start off with a stencil shaped like a leaf, trace a real one, or free-hand it! Paint it however you like, add ribbon, glitter, fabric, adhesives, etc.!

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