Visit The Alden Volunteers Art Walk!

“All of our efforts are to enhance and expand on the aesthetics, the culture, the education, of the community.”

The village of Alden relies on its community’s support, just like any other town.

“It’s given me a real sense of purpose and I love this little town,” says Heather Stewart.

A solid group of people known as — The Alden Volunteers. Screen Shot 2021 10 07 At 80539 Am

“Alden volunteers is key in the community for enhancing and preserving everything that we have here.”

Heather Stewart is the group’s secretary.

“Our combined efforts are really making a difference in this community.”

Reinvigorating it with a little bit of charm….with — an art walk.

“We officially kicked it off in July. We have 13 exhibits.”

“Imagination is how we contend with the problems that face the world,” says Lauren Delaney George.

Lauren  Delaney George is one of the artists in the Alden Art Walk.

“When you get a call from Alden, you never expect that somebody’s gonna have found 4 miniature doors poppin’ up. There have reported sightings of the Dinkies throughout Michigan history,” says George.

But what or who are the Dinkies ?!

George says, “The Dinkies are distant cousins of fairies, also distantly related to elves…but similar to humans, have lots of different talents and skills…they work in bakeries, they tend lighthouses, they write books.”

Screen Shot 2021 10 07 At 80558 AmAnd the little doors are leaving quite the impression on some visitors at local businesses. Like the muffin tin– where Butch Bartz Junior is the owner…

“Throughout the summer we’ve collected A whole box of notes that little ones have written to the Dinkies and left in the mailbox and we’ve saved them all! Dear Dinkies, thank you for helping the muffin tin stay clean. Hoping to see you again, love Jayda.”

Residents and visitor’s are also keeping their eyes peeled for — The Alden Michigan Rocks.

Stewart says, “What we do is place about 6 of them out in the village each week. So when they find one of our stones, they pick it up. Post it on Facebook, with a picture and they can take it anywhere in the world and re-hide it. We’re spreading one stone of kindness, at a time.”

But a brand new project is in the works.

“It will be the heart of the village of Alden.”

A new place to hang out, and get to know your neighbors.Screen Shot 2021 10 07 At 80831 Am

“It’ll have a green space, it’ll have a stage…brings together summer residents and year around residence. It’s something that has been a dream for the board of directors for quite a while,” says Stewart.

But without the community’s help — The Alden Volunteers wouldn’t be able to really make their town feel like home.

“Alden volunteers is a 501-C3 group, we exclusively rely on donations from the community.”

Donations help, and so does a little reminder…

“It’s time to remind people that magic is real and that there’s still wonder and magic out there, you just have to go lookin for it.”

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