State Senate Passes Voting Reform Bills As Two Sides Clash

Governor Gretchen Whitmer vetoed four election reform bills over the weekend and many more look to be coming to her desk soon.

Wednesday, the State Senate was set to vote on three more bills in the package but then the chamber suddenly adjourned before they finished voting. The bills were voted on and passed Thursday.

“We need people to have confidence in our elections,” said Senator Ruth Johnson, a Republican from Holly.Voting Rights Vot

Coming out of the 2020 election, the Republicans in the legislature pushed nearly 40 bills aimed at strengthening and securing elections. Democrats have refused to vote for them saying they are actually suppressing voters.

“As Senate Democrats, we are kind of sick and tired of having to continually vote on bills related to the election,” said Senator Stephanie Chang, a Democrat from Detroit.

So Sen. Chang called for adjournment Wednesday, before all votes could take place. Democrats would need at least three republicans to agree to actually end the session.

Due to confusion and the quick vote, they got the votes and the Democrats got time to review the bills which they say do nothing but further the lies about the election.

“Voter suppression isn’t just the mechanics of making it harder for people to vote,” said Senator Jeremy Moss, a Democrat from Southfield, “But voter suppression is leaving people in doubt of whether their vote even counts.”

Many of the bills codify procedures that are already done in practice.

“If they are really best practices, it’s good to put them in the law,” said Sen. Johnson, the former Secretary of State.

Debate continues over the real impact of each of these bills but two things seem clear, the GOP will push on by passing these bills and Governor Whitmer will veto them.

“We want to make it easier to vote by opening up more places for people to vote,” said Johnson, “But we want to make it harder for them to cheat.”

“If fraud is fraud, then they are calling their own elections into question,” said Moss, “Which of course they are not doing.”

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