Northern Michigan Shelters Host Annual ‘Empty The Shelters’ Adoption Week

BISSELL Pet Foundation’s National “Empty the Shelters Week” is taking place until Sunday for shelters and rescues all over the country, including some here in Northern Michigan.

One of the shelter’s participating is AuCado Australian Cattle Dog Rescue in Remus.

“The participating shelters have certain dogs or cats that they will feature, and it will be a $25 adoption fee,” said Monica Larner, Owner of AuCado Australian Cattle Dog Rescue.

The shelter says finding good homes for these animals is more important than ever, especially since shelters are filling up with COVID pets.

“It’s so much of the ‘COVID pup syndrome,’” said Cory Curtis, a volunteer at the rescue. “They don’t get them out, and they couldn’t get them socialized. So, they have issues and then [their owners] go back to work.”

During the beginning of the pandemic, people adopted dogs and cats to help fill their time. Now, as people are heading back to work, and their somewhat normal lives, shelters and rescues are becoming overfilled with surrendered animals, leaving volunteers and works overwhelmed.

“During COVID, everybody went out and got a puppy and then reality sets in, a year later,” said Larner.

The adoption event happens every quarter all across the U.S., finding homes for more than 61,000 pets.

“It’s important because we just get overwhelmed,” Larner said. “I don’t care who it is. A shelter just gets overwhelmed… especially since COVID… the shelter’s are just getting inundated with dogs.”

AuCado currently has 12 cats available for adoption and a handful of dogs, including Griswold, who’s been at the shelter for 6 months.

Our whole mission here at AuCado is to make sure that the dogs get placed into a home where they’re going to stay,” Larner said. They’re not going to be bounced around.”

Humane Animal Treatment Society in Mount Pleasant is also participating in the event.

For more information and to see which animals are up to adoption, click here.

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