Grant Me Hope: Avion

Avion loves family, misses family, and wishes he had a family. “Avion desperately seeks a family who will love and accept him and provide stability,” says an adult who knows him best. “Avion does not care about race; he just needs a family to call his own.” A family certainly will enjoy having Avion around the house as much for his personality as his interests. He loves to hang with significant others, whether it’s just visiting or playing games together. Avion enjoys sports and video games, and he likes spending time in the outdoors. Another great thing about Avion is that he enjoys school and does well there.

Avion is described as a sweet, friendly, calm, and unassuming young man who would flourish in a forever family. “Avion has come a long way and made significant progress,” says an adult close to him. “He is very optimistic and positive about life and his future.”

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