Cheboygan to Put Up Banners Around Town to Celebrate, Acknowledge Veterans

Through the organization History of Hometown Heroes, Cheboygan will soon put up banners along the light posts around downtown with pictures and descriptions of those who served.

CEO Abby Cherry founded History of Hometown Heroes as a way to recognize all that veterans have sacrificed for this country. It started in Sault Ste. Marie, was well met by the community, and it grew from there.

“We got 420 in the city of Sault Ste. Marie,” she said. “We’re now in Rudyard, Pickford, St. Ignace, Grand Blanc. Just signed with Cedarville and Hessel area and now Cheboygan which is super exciting because Cheboygan is the perfect town. You got the perfect main street.”Flags 1

Cheboygan City Council unanimously passed the resolution and the Cheboygan County Department of Veterans Services, including Assistant Veteran Service Officer Brian Crittenden, are excited to see the banners go up.

“I went through a couple of a towns and villages with it and I just thought ‘man its just so connected to the veterans’ and a lot of people that for granted and don’t realize how many people in their community are veterans,” he said.

History of Hometown Heroes also has an app that allows the ability to check on each veteran on the banners and learn about what they’ve done.

“These are our local legends that we have no idea the part they played in the service to our country and our freedoms and all these things, not only from the military aspect but these people helped build our community,” said Cherry.

The organization doesn’t stop here and are constantly looking for other cities interested in raising these banners.