Organization Sues Both Gaylord Schools and Health Department Over Mask Mandate

On Aug. 27,  the Health Department of Northwest Michigan ordered all schools in their jurisdiction to require masks for students and staff, regardless of their vaccination status.

In response to the order, a group called “Let Them Breathe” has put forth a lawsuit asking for a temporary restraining order, which would stop Gaylord schools from enforcing that mandate.

This would include stopping the school from suspending students for not complying with wearing a mask.

“Let Them Breathe” is made up of thousands of parents and pushes for the right of parents to decide whether or not they want their students wearing masks in school.

According to the lawsuit, the health department failed to notify those who would be affected, including students, in writing about the mandate. Therefore, any order would be invalid.

While the school does have posted notices on their entrance, the lawsuit claims that a school is not a person and no students were notified.

In a statement to 9&10 news, the health department didn’t respond to the contents of the lawsuit, but stated, “We are having our legal counsel review the lawsuit and are awaiting that analysis.”

9&10 News also reached out to Gaylord Community Schools for a response to the lawsuit but didn’t receive an answer.